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Regular Board Meeting Being Held, But Public Hearing Cancelled
Regular Board Meeting
Oct 1 2018

Watkins Glen Village Board will hold their regularly scheduled board meeting at 6:00 pm in the Board Room of the Municipal Building located at 303 N. Franklin Street, Watkins Glen.
*Public Hearing on the BID has been cancelled.


1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Public Be Heard

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Reports
    a. Parks Report September 14-27, 2018
    b. Streets Report
    c. Codes Report September 17-28, 2018
    d. Water Report September 17-30, 2018
    e. Sewer Report
    f. Electric Report September 17-28, 2018
    g. Superintendents Report September 17th-28th, 2018
    h. Police Report
    i. Fire Report

5. Voting Items
    a. Annual Fixed Price TCC Extension thru NYISO
    b. Surplus Items
          i. Overhead garage door - Parks Department
          ii. 2004 Chevy Silverado - Water Department
    c. Schuyler Hospital PCC immunizations - Sewer Department
    d. Resolution Designating IEEP delegate
    e. Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Sign NYS DOT Use & Occupancy Permit

6. Conference Requests
    a.  Harris User Conference - Chantal Fitzgerald, Rhonda Slater
    b.  MEUA Finance Workshop - Chantal Fitzgerald, Lonnie Childs, Lee Kent

7.  Audit
    a.  General Audit
    b.  Online Payments Audit

8.  Board Concerns/New Business

9.  Executive Session (as needed)

10. Adjournment



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