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Regular Board Meeting
Regular Board Meeting
Jan 22

Watkins Glen Village Board will hold their regularly scheduled board meeting at 6:00 pm in the Board Room of the Municipal Building located at 303 N. Franklin Street, Watkins Glen.


1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Public Be Heard

3. Approval of Minutes
    a.  Minutes for Regular Meeting January 7, 2019

4. Reports
    a.  Parks Report
    b.  Streets Report
    c.  Codes Report
    d.  Water Report
    e. Sewer Report
    f.  Electric Report
    g.  Superintendents Report
    h.  Treasurer's Report

5. Voting Items 
    a.  NYSEG Natural Gas Franchise Resolution for Public Hearing
    b.  Resolution - Budget Amendments
    c.  Resolution for Unpaid Taxes
    d.  Girvin & Ferlazzo - Clerk to Sign Letter of Engagement and Retainer
    e.  Surplus Items
    f.  NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative - Incentive Proposal
    g.  Amended Bond Resolution

6. Conference Requests
    a.  Annual NYCOM Winter Legislative Meeting - February 10-12, 2109
    b.  MEUA - 219 Lineworker Safety & Training Program
    c.  Dig Safely Certified Excavator Training and Certification

7. Audit
    a.  General Audit
    b.  JPC Audit

8. Board Concerns/New Business
    a.  SCOPED - Designation of Committee Member
    b.  Purchase of Laptop/Tablets for Board Members
    c.  Verizon Wireless Plan - Addition of International Calling
    d.  Estimates for Grinding Park Debris Piles
    e.  Kayak Launch Rental Proposals
    f.  Building Permit - Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant

9. Executive Session

10. Adjournment

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