Public Hearing - Short Term Rentals & Oil and Grease Separators

Public Hearing

8/22/2018 | Categories:

Watkins Glen Village Board will hold two Public Hearings at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on September 17, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Municipal Building, 303 N. Franklin Street, Watkins Glen, NY.

* Public Hearings will be held for the following:

1.  Proposed LL #2 of 2018- Zoning Code.  This is to amend LL #4 of 2016 to include Short Term Rental Regulations and to revise the Bulk and Density Control Schedule & Design Guidelines. Click Here for LL 2 - Zoning Code 
2.  Proposed LL #3 of 2018 - Regulating Use of Public and Private Sewers & Drains.  This is to amend LL #8 of 2003 to include Guidelines for Oil and Grease Separators.  Click Here for LL 3 of 2018 - Sewer Use