303 N. Franklin Street
Watkins Glen, NY  14891
Phone: 607 535-7883
Fax: 607 535-7621



 Full Time Officers



Patrolman Micah Swarthout
School Resource Officer David Waite




 Part Time Officers


Ptlm Katelyn Wood




"The Board of Trustees is charged with making decisions that further the best interests of the Village, which includes keeping costs to Village residents as low as possible while maintaining the services the Village provides.  With that being said, as it relates to any recent personnel decisions, the Board always analyzes all of its decisions based upon the best interest of the Village.  Effective immediately, we have appointed Steven Decker as the Village of Watkins Glen Sergeant in Charge.  Due to irreconcilable differences, Thomas Struble will no longer be Chief of Police in the Village of Watkins Glen.  We have taken this opportunity to reorganize our Police force to better serve our community.  On behalf of the Village of Watkins Glen, we would like to thank Sergeant Decker and the entire force for their continued dedication and service."   Mayor and Board of Trustees




When a CodeRed call is made for Odd/Even parking - On odd calendar days, vehicles must be parked on the side of the street with house numbered with odd numbers; on even days of the month, vehicles must be parked on the side of the street numbered with even numbers. There will be a grace period from 6:00 PM to Midnight during which time vehicles will be allowed to park on either side of the street. Streets with no parking on one side and streets on the side hill are exempt from the Odd/Even parking law. Residents and visitors are reminded that starting at 12:01 AM each day vehicles must be parked on the correct side of the street.  Everyone’s cooperation in this matter will help with cleanup during leaf and snow removal operations and makes village streets safer throughout the winter months.