Public Works

Superintendent of Utilities
Mark L. Specchio
910 S. Decatur Street
607 535-6870



Electric Department
Minard L. LaFever
910 S. Decatur Street
607 535-6873


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Application for a Payment Agreement click Here

Application to have a tree in the
Village Right of Way trimmed click HERE

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 Residential Rates:
Customer Charge - $2.00/month
Per Kwh - 0.03888

Commercial Rates:
Customer Charge - $3.00/month
Per Kwh - 0.04493

 Industrial Rates:            Wal-Mart Rates:               Cargill Rates:
No Customer Charge      No Customer Charge       No Customer Charge
Per Kwh - 0.02998          Per Kwh - 0.04881          Per Kwh - 0.01562
Per KW - $5.50               Per KW - $5.50               Per KW - $7.50

Water Treatment Plant
Martin Pierce
Stanley Swarthout
406 Steuben St.
Phone: 607 535-6914



Waste Water Treatment Plant
Terry Wilcox
N. Porter St. at Lakefront
Phone: 607 535-9962





Superintendent of Streets,
   Parks and Cemeteries
Donald R. Perry
910 S. Decatur Street
Phone: 607 535-6872


Parks Department
Michelle Hyde
155 S. Clute Park Drive